Datashare Professional

Councils are under pressure to meet increasing expectations with declining revenues and many are reporting a financial sustainability problem.

State and Australian Government responses to Local Government financial sustainability have been to increase annual reporting requirements, apply revenue restrictions and encourage or impose amalgamations.

But are these strategies effective or even necessary? JRA Datashare provides tools and resources to answer questions like:

  • When a council reports a large infrastructure backlog how reliable is the underlying data?
  • What does it mean when 2 similar councils report vastly different infrastructure backlogs and service costs?
  • How can a council demonstrate to their community that service costs and delivery methods are value for money?
  • How can a council show their community and other levels of Government that cost shifting and reducing grant funding is resulting in reducing service levels.
  • If there is a funding backlog, what are the risks and how can these be managed and communicated (Injury, Service Interruption, Environment, Financial, Reputation)

JRA Datashare provides an efficient solution to annual sustainability reporting by providing consistent and validated data and resources for achieving financial sustainability. These include:

  1. Modern equivalent unit costs and in service life (depreciation rates) for infrastructure assets.
  2. Service level and costing templates to enable measurement, reporting and comparisons for all services (asset and non-asset based services)
  3. Example risk registers for infrastructure based services.
  4. Sustainability reporting.
  5. Simplified and automated statistical returns.
  6. Service Plan Dashboard templates
  7. Annual improvement process maps and plans to improve the underlying data aligned with each budget cycle.
  8. Service review kit and resources.
Annual Improvement Cycle To Sustainability