What is JRA Datashare

The datashare system is free to participating public sector asset managers and enables you to compare and improve key inputs to asset management plans such as useful lives, depreciation rates, expenditures, unit costs and sustainability ratios by comparing you with another organisation and the JRA benchmarking rate for your region. JRA has extensive experience in developing online benchmarking and performance indicator technology including:

This initiative supports the recommendations in the 2013 ALGA National State of the Assets Report and free online benchmarking will be available from 12th November 2014 to align with the ALGA 2014 State of the Assets Report.

JRA Datashare Professional level provides additional analysis and benchmarking comparison services for all asset classes in all Countries and aligns with ISO 55000.

We look forward to working with you to enable better asset management decisions for future generations.

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Steve Verity


Over 20 years experience in local government working in the planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation and management of civil works projects specifically relating to road, bridge, drainage, water and wastewater infrastructure.

Allen Mapstone

Project Manager and National Sustainable Asset Management

Allen is an experienced Civil Engineer with extensive experience in all aspects of asset management planning and operations. Allen has senior experience in local government asset management and is one of the principal trainers for the NAMS.PLUS asset management development across Australia


Nicole Allen



Keryn Anderson

Senior Technical Analyst

Keryn has had extensive experience with TechOne SAM dashboards and the analysis of asset and risk registers for strategic asset management reporting. Keryn has extensive experience in contract procurement and administration.